Several journalists were reported injured at this explosion near a Shia site in Karachi today. (AFP/Asif Hassan)

Journalists reported injured in Karachi bomb blast

November 21, 2012 12:04 PM ET

New York, November 21, 2012--Several Pakistani journalists were injured in a bomb blast today at a Shia site in Karachi that came just 30 minutes after an earlier explosion, according to news reports.

Pakistani news accounts have reported that the second bomb went off about 50 feet from the first one, and wounded reporters, police officers, and bomb disposal teams who had arrived at the scene. Early reports said that several journalists, including Dunya TV reporter Kiran Khan and an engineer from the outlet, were among the wounded, but did not offer details. News reports did not immediately identify the other journalists.

The bombs exploded at a site frequently used for Shia commemoration ceremonies, news reports said. The bombings occurred as Shias were celebrating the holy month of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, news reports said.

"Our condolences go out to all those affected by this ugly attack," said Bob Dietz, CPJ's Asia program coordinator. "Covering news in Pakistan has always been dangerous, and we have seen the use of delayed secondary explosions a few times before. Journalists and other first responders are the obvious targets of such terrorist tactics. Reporting teams in the field and their assignment desks must remain vigilant about the risks and take as many precautions as possible, including using protective gear, when covering such stories."

On Sunday, two people were killed and more than a dozen were injured in an explosion targeting another Shiite site in Karachi.

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