Violent protests outside media outlets in Karachi

Members of the Sindh National Party (SNP) violently demonstrated outside the offices of the Jang Group of Newspapers and Geo TV in Karachi, the financial capital of Pakistan on May 23, 2010, according to local news reports.

Led by SNP Chairman Ameer Bhambro, the protesters marched from the Karachi Press Club to the office building, where they staged a sit-in throughout the evening, the reports said. Some demonstrators allegedly vandalized the building’s reception area, while others snatched weapons from security guards and fired them into the air.  

Local police also fired into the air, shot off teargas shells, and waded into the crowd, wielding batons, according to the reports. About 85 demonstrators were arrested but they were all released soon after.

The crowd dispersed late at night, after executives from the Jang Group and Geo TV editorial board spoke to SNP chairman Bhambro, according to reports