Mumbai Press Club

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Indian photographers and journalists gather outside the Mumbai Press Club to protest against the July 27 attack on photojournalist Pravin Indrekar by police in the Indian state of Gujarat, in Mumbai on August 7, 2018. They were also protesting the recent arrest of photojournalist Shahidul Alam in Dhaka, Bangladesh. (AFP/Punit Paranjpe)

Gujarat police beat up photojournalist, charge him with looting and rioting

New Delhi, August 9, 2018–The Committee to Protect Journalists today condemned a brutal attack on photojournalist Pravin Indrekar by police in the Indian state of Gujarat, and called on the state authorities to withdraw charges of looting and rioting that police filed against him.

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India's Parliament in New Delhi. A private members' bill to decriminalize defamation will be heard during its winter session. (AFP/Money Sharma)

In India, online campaign seeks to free press from risk of criminal defamation

An online campaign to decriminalize defamation in India is being led by a member of the country’s main opposition party. “Criminal defamation can lead to people being put in jail for something they have said publicly. This law needs to be replaced by a modern, progressive law,” reads the statement on the campaign website.

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A vigil for rationalist scholar M.M. Kalburgi, who was shot dead earlier this year. Threats against writers and journalists from the rationalist school of thought are rising in India. (AP/Aijaz Rahi)

Indian journalist named on hit list as threats against critical voices escalate

“These people will kill you,” Nikhil Wagle, a prominent journalist in India, told me as we discussed reports of him being named as a target by a member of a hard-line Hindu group who is being questioned by police over the murder of a writer.

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