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President Miloš Zeman gives a victory speech in Prague after being reelected on January 27. Reporters covering the Czech presidential election say they were harassed and verbally assaulted. (AFP/Radek Mica)

Reporters harassed, verbally assaulted covering Czech presidential election

Journalists covering election night at the Czech presidential campaign headquarters in a Prague hotel on January 27, 2018, were verbally assaulted, shoved, and prevented from filming, according to reports and videos posted to social media.

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Pressure by CPJ, other groups keeps Karimov out of Prague

The Committee to Protect Journalists this week joined a campaign spearheaded by Human Rights Watch and Uzbek human rights defenders urging Czech President Milos Zeman to cancel Uzbek dictator Islam Karimov’s visit to Prague. Zeman had invited Karimov to visit this month despite the Central Asian leader’s notorious intolerance to freedom of the press and…

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