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Belarus orders Russian journalist Yekaterina Yanshina detained for 15 days

Paris, January 10, 2023 — Belarusian authorities should immediately release Russian journalist Yekaterina Yanshina and let all members of the press work freely, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Tuesday. On January 5, authorities at a court in Minsk, the capital, detained Yanshina, a journalist and human rights activist with the Russian human rights center…

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CPJ issues letter of support for fallen journalists memorial

CPJ writes to Peter May, chairman of the National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission, to express support for a Fallen Journalists Memorial located on federal property in Washington, D.C.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is signaling a intensified crackdown on human rights organizations. (AP/RIA-Novosti, Alexei Nikolsky)

Russia steps up crackdown on rights groups, Internet

Recent statements by Vladimir Putin and Russian Member of Parliament (MP) Aleksey Mitrofanov, as well as raids on human rights organizations, signal that the threat hanging over civil society and freedom of expression in Russia has become reality. Since Putin returned to presidential office in May, the Kremlin has passed a series of restrictive laws…

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A memorial to Estemirova. (CPJ)

Estemirova investigation on wrong track, colleagues say

Two years ago, as she was leaving home on a hot Wednesday morning in Grozny, several attackers forced Natalya Estemirova, the prominent journalist and human rights defender, into a car. A young witness–who later fled for fear of reprisal–recalled that Estemirova cried out she was being kidnapped and that a white Lada sedan then sped…

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Chief Justice Vyacheslav M. Lebedev of Russia's Supreme Court told CPJ, "The independence of journalists is just as important as the independence of judges." (Reuters/Mackson Wasa)

Mission Journal: A visit to Russia’s Supreme Court

At the end of our recent mission to Moscow, our delegation squeezed in one final official meeting. Vyacheslav M. Lebedev, the chief justice of Russia’s Supreme Court, had sent word only the night before that he would receive us. The meeting had been brokered by Aleksei Venediktov, the legendary founder of the radio station Ekho…

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