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An anti-government demonstration in the Syrian city of Sweida in September.

Syrian journalist Mahmoud Ibrahim arrested after post on anti-Assad protests

Istanbul, May 17, 2024—The Committee to Protect Journalists on Friday called on Syrian authorities to release detained Syrian journalist Mahmoud Ibrahim immediately and to disclose his location and that of all imprisoned journalists. On February 25, Syrian government forces arrested Ibrahim, an editor with Al-Thawra newspaper, which is published by the ruling Baath party, after…

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Sonia Dahmani, a lawyer and political affairs commentator. (Screenshot: Elhiwar Ettounsi/YouTube)

Tunisian police arrest 5 journalists, interrupt France 24’s broadcast amid crackdown

New York, May 15, 2024 — Tunisian authorities must immediately and unconditionally release journalists Sonia Dahmani, Borhen Bssais, and Mourad Zghidi, drop all charges against them, and stop preventing reporters from doing their jobs, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Wednesday. Between May 11 and 13, Tunisian police arrested and released two additional journalists amid…

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Palestinian journalist Rula Hassanein, seen during a 2022 broadcast for J-Media, is facing incitement charges after she was arrested on March 19, 2024.

Palestinian journalist Rula Hassanein charged with incitement for social media posts

New York, May 8, 2024 – The Committee to Protect Journalists on Wednesday urged Israeli authorities to release Palestinian freelance journalist Rula Hassanein on humanitarian grounds as her health and that of her infant daughter had deteriorated since Hassanein’s March arrest over her social media posts. On March 19, Israeli military forces arrested Hassanein, who…

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Four police officers on patrol in Nigeria in 2023.

Nigerian police secretly arrest journalist Daniel Ojukwu over critical report

Abuja, May 8, 2024—Authorities in Nigeria should immediately release journalist Daniel Ojukwu and stop intimidating and arresting members of the press who investigate the government’s spending of public funds, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Wednesday. On May 1, Ojukwu, a reporter with the privately owned Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ), went missing and his…

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Headshot of Guinean journalist Mamoudou Babila Keita of the Inquisiteur news website

Guinea suspends journalist Mamoudou Babila Keita and Inquisiteur website for 6 months

Dakar, May 8, 2023—Guinea’s media regulator should lift its suspension of the Inquisiteur outlet and journalist Mamoudou Babila Keita and allow the press to report on matters of public interest without fear of sanctions, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Wednesday. On April 17, the High Authority for Communication (HAC) suspended the private news website…

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Journalist Idrissa Soumana Maïga detained for ‘undermining national defense’ in Niger

Dakar, May 7, 2024 — Nigerien authorities must immediately release Idrissa Soumana Maïga, editor of the privately owned newspaper L’Enquêteur, and allow him to report freely, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Tuesday. An investigative judge at the court in Niamey, the capital, charged Maïga with “undermining national defense” and ordered his transfer to Niamey…

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CPJ expands access to safety chatbot amid spiking threats to the press in a record year of global elections

New York, May 2, 2024—Ahead of World Press Freedom Day on May 3, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) today announced the launch of CPJ’s journalist safety chatbot, which equips journalists with safety information on their phones via WhatsApp. The tool will expand the reach and usability of CPJ’s suite of safety tools tailored for…

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Sergey Mingazov (left), seen after he was released to house arrest on April 27, is one of several journalists targeted by Russian authorities in ongoing attacks on press freedom. (Screenshot: 7x7/Telegram)

Russia puts Forbes journalist under house arrest, detains 2 others

Berlin, May 1, 2024—Russian authorities must drop legal proceedings against Sergey Mingazov, a journalist for the Russian edition of Forbes magazine, and detained journalists Konstantin Gabov and Sergey Karelin and ensure that members of the press are not imprisoned for their work, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Wednesday.  On April 27, a court in the city of Khabarovsk…

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CPJ calls on authorities to allow journalists to safely cover US campus protests

Washington, D.C., May 1, 2024– With tensions over pro-Palestinian protests escalating on college campuses across the United States, the Committee to Protect Journalists calls on university authorities and law enforcement agencies to allow reporters to freely cover the demonstrations. “Journalists – including student journalists who have been thrust into a national spotlight to cover stories…

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On April 26, freelance journalist José Luis Tan Estrada was arrested in the Cuban capital of Havana and has since been detained in the Villa Marista prison. (Photo: Provided by Yucabyte)

Cuban journalist questioned about social media posts, jailed  

Editor’s note: Tan Estrada was released on May 1 and fined 4,000 pesos ($12) for alleged “criminal intent” after he was accused by state security agents of seeking to disrupt May 1 celebrations in Havana, according to an interview the journalist gave to CubaNet. Miami, April 30, 2024—Cuban authorities must immediately and unconditionally release jailed local freelance journalist…

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