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Liu Xiaobo

Liu, a longtime advocate of political reform and the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, was imprisoned on charges of inciting subversion through his writing. Liu was an author of Charter 08, a document promoting universal values, human rights, and democratic reform in China, and was among its 300 original signatories. He was detained in Beijing…

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Supporters pay their respects to Chinese Noble laureate Liu Xiaobo at a vigil outside the Chinese Liaison Office of Hong Kong. The jailed activist and journalist died in July. (AFP/Isaac Lawrence)

It’s too late for Liu Xiaobo but China could show a little kindness to other jailed journalists

I have no pity for Chinese President Xi Jinping, who dug himself into a deep public relations hole with the unnecessarily cruel treatment of China’s Nobel Laureate and political dissident, who died this week. Liu died of liver cancer in a Chinese hospital, after receiving medical parole in June from prison, where he was diagnosed…

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Southern Metropolis Daily's front page.

How to show support for Liu Xiaobo…in China

Although China continues to censor references to imprisoned writer Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel peace prize in the news and online, some have been finding creative ways to express support for him. An outspoken newspaper published a front-page picture featuring empty chairs on Sunday, in what appears to be a covert reference to the seat left vacant…

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China urged to release Liu Xiaobo

We released this statement after learning that formerly jailed journalist Liu Xiaobo was detained after signing a letter to the government today calling for greater freedoms ahead of the 60th anniversary Wednesday of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The letter was signed by 300 lawyers, writers, scholars, and artists…

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Xia Xiaobo

In September 2014, police in Shanghai detained a group of managers and editors of a leading business media company, the 21st Century Media Group, state press agency Xinhua reported. The managers and editors were accused of extorting money from companies, particularly ones due to be listed on the stock market, in return for positive coverage…

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Liu Xianbin

Chinese writer Liu Xianbin is serving a sentence of 10 years on charges of “subverting state power.” Suining police arrested Liu, who wrote articles on democratic reforms in China, on June 28, 2010. A court in western Sichuan province sentenced Liu to 10 years in prison on charges of inciting subversion through articles published on…

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China seeks to block news of Liu’s Nobel

New York, October 8, 2010–The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on the Chinese government to end its pointless attempts to block the news by blacking out domestic and foreign media coverage of the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s announcement awarding jailed human rights activist Liu Xiaobo the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. According to foreign news agencies’ reports from…

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People pay tribute to Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo in a park near Hong Kong's Victoria Habour in July 2017. The journalist died a few months after China finally agreed to release him on medical parole. (AP/Vincent Yu)

In China, medical neglect can amount to a death sentence for jailed journalists

Four months after Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo died of liver cancer shortly after his release from jail on medical parole, the writer and journalist Yang Tongyan died under similar circumstances in a Shanghai hospital. Like Liu, Yang had been seriously ill for several years, but Chinese authorities granted him medical parole only three months before…

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A security guard confronts a photographer at the entrance of the compound where Liu Xia lives in Beijing December 10, 2010, after her husband was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. (Reuters/David Gray)

Hong Kong journalists beaten in Beijing

Hong Kong, March 11, 2013–The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns Friday’s attack in Beijing on two Hong Kong journalists outside the home of Liu Xia, the wife of jailed Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo.

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Members of Nobel Peace Prize committee flank a chair left empty for Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, who remains jailed in China. (Toby Melville/Reuters)

An empty chair in Oslo shows China is empty of media ideas

It was more than Liu Xiaobo’s chair that was empty at Thursday’s Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. What was also on display to the world was China’s lack of a new approach to media that goes beyond its decades-old approach of controlling through denial and suppression. 

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