North Macedonia

Special Reports


Balancing Act

Joining the club: accession and press freedom Accession to the EU is often described as one of the most effective democracy promotion projects in the world. Countries vying for membership must prove themselves on a range of political and legal criteria that include provisions on standards for human rights, freedom of expression, and press freedom.…

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Propaganda War in Serbia

“When the bombs began falling in Yugoslavia on March 24, the seven Serb journalists who happened to be visiting our offices in New York during a tour of the United States all ran for the phones. They were worried about the families they had left behind, but they also feared for the survival of Serbia’s…

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Radio Station Director Vows to Revive Her News Operation

“During a visit to CPJ’s New York office on April 19, Kosovar Albanian journalist Aferdita Kelmendi described how Serbian paramilitaries forced her to leave Pristina on March 29 after she had hidden for five days in various places throughout the city. ÒWe knew that, as journalists, we would be a target,Ó said Kelmendi, who served…

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