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Balancing Act

Joining the club: accession and press freedom Accession to the EU is often described as one of the most effective democracy promotion projects in the world. Countries vying for membership must prove themselves on a range of political and legal criteria that include provisions on standards for human rights, freedom of expression, and press freedom.…

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Enemies of the Press: The 10 Worst Offenders of 1997

On May 3, in conjunction with World Press Freedom Day, CPJ announced its annual choices of the top 10 Enemies of the Press worldwide. Those who made the list this year, as in the past, earned the dubious distinction by exhibiting particular zeal for the ruthless suppression of journalists. For the second consecutive year, the…

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Enemies of the Press 1997

The 10 Worst Offenders of 1997

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Mauling the Messengers

Berisha’s Government Scapegoats Albanian Press

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Spring 1997 Index

Internet Edition No. 53

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