CPJ Journalist Security Guide

Appendix B: Security Training

The firms below all offer hostile-environment courses designed in whole or in part for journalists. AKE Ltd www.akegroup.com +44 (0) 143-226-7111 U.K.-based AKE was the first private firm to provide journalists with hostile-environment training. Courses are designed around practical scenarios and demonstrations to give journalists the knowledge and confidence to face dangerous situations. Centurion Risk Assessment Services http://www.centurionsafety.net +44 (0) 172-686-2090 U.K.-based Centurion conducts safety training courses regularly in the United States and United Kingdom that emphasize personal safety, awareness, and emergency first aid as well as a variety of topics relevant to journalists working on dangerous assignments. Chiron Resources http://www.chiron-resources.com +44 (0) 788-060-2426 U.K.-based Chiron Resources has run specialized media hostile-environment training courses and other security training courses in several countries around the world, in English, French, and Arabic. Global Journalist Security http://www.journalistsecurity.net +1 202-244-0717 Founded in 2011 by this report’s main author, CPJ Senior Adviser for Journalist Security Frank Smyth, Global Journalist Security’s training addresses military and civilian contingencies, including sexual assault, digital security, and organized crime. Objective Travel Safety Ltd. http://www.objectiveteam.com +44 (0) 178-889-9029 The U.K.-based Objective Travel Safety offers a range of security training courses every month, including courses covering emergency medical provisions, surviving natural disasters, kidnap prevention, negotiating checkpoints, booby-trap awareness, and dealing with traumatic stress. Pilgrims Group http://www.pilgrimsgroup.com +44 (0) 844-788-0180 +44 (0) 148-322-8778 Pilgrims Group is a U.K.-based security training, consulting, and intelligence firm. The group provides hostile-environment training as well as body armor and security personnel. Pilgrims has also offered condensed training courses in New York and other locations. Tor International http://www.torinternational.com/ +44 (0) 193 287 9879 +212-452-0909 U.K.-based Tor International provides services including risk assessment and management, in addition to hostile-environment training, body armor, medical kits, communications equipment, and armored and other vehicles. TYR-Solutions http://www.tyr-solutions.com +44 (0) 20-3239-5257 TYR-Solutions is a U.K.-based firm that provides security and medical training, risk and crisis management services, and communications and tracking training and support, along with portable trauma packs and communications and tracking equipment.
Journalist Security Guide
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