CPJ Journalist Security Guide

Appendix C: Insurance Providers

There are many different insurance providers and brokers. The list below includes only those firms or groups that help provide insurance to journalists and others on high-risk assignments. Journalists are advised to shop for the best possible rates from a host of potential providers. Banner Financial Group http://www.bannergroup.com +44 (0) 199-386-2119 The U.K.-based Banner Financial Group offers individual and group insurance for people living or working abroad. Policies can cover injuries from war and terrorism and include death or bodily injury insurance. Bellwood Prestbury http://www.bellwoodprestbury.com +44 (0) 124-258-4558 +44 (0) 124-258-8688 Bellwood Prestbury is a U.K-based firm providing specialized plans for individuals living or working abroad in high-risk professions or in dangerous areas. Coverage can include war or terrorism risks and kidnap and ransom insurance. Crisis Insurance http://www.crisis-insurance.co.uk +44 (0) 143-226-8301 Crisis Insurance is a U.K.-based firm specializing in high-risk policies for dangerous areas or dangerous professions. Policies can be tailored to individual needs and are available for short or long terms. Reporters Without Borders http://en.rsf.org +33 1 44 83 84 84 The Paris-based nonprofit Reporters without Borders offers an insurance policy tailored to the needs of journalists working abroad in possibly hostile situations. Plans can be purchased per diem or for as long as a year. Safe Passage International http://www.spibrokers.com +1 303-988-9626 +1 800-777-7665 The U.S.-based Safe Passage International offers travel insurance for both corporate clients and nonprofit organizations. Under its Security First plans, the firm offers accident insurance including risks posed by war and terrorism, as well as plan covering kidnap, ransom, and extortion. Additional plans cover accidental death or dismemberment.
Journalist Security Guide
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