CPJ’s Recommendations

CPJ calls on the Venezuelan government to implement the following recommendations:

  • Ensure RCTV is given a fair and equal opportunity to apply for concession renewal. Ensure the station has the opportunity to present its case in a neutral venue and has the right to a full appeal in court.
  • Guarantee fairness and transparency in the allocation of broadcast concessions by providing a clear explanation of the process and the criteria used in making decisions.  
  • Repeal Article 29 of the Law of Social Responsibility in Radio and Television, which contains broad restrictions on the press.
  • Repeal criminal defamation and desacato provisions in the penal code.
  • Show greater tolerance toward criticism in the press and halt personal attacks aimed at discrediting journalists and their news outlets.
  • Guarantee plurality and diversity of opinion by granting private news media greater access to government events, buildings, institutions, and sources.
  • Cease official manipulation of government advertising based on political considerations.
  • Stop harassing journalists by filing criminal defamation lawsuits.