Venezuela’s Continuing Crisis

Special ongoing coverage of the effect of political turmoil on journalists

The political crisis in Venezuela has polarized society and led to increased intolerance and impunity, multiplying the risks for journalists.

Because of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez Frías’ inflammatory rhetoric and the active political role that the media have taken in opposing his government, public attacks against beat reporters, photographers, and cameramen have increased. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has also documented attacks against and harassment of journalists working for international and pro-government media outlets. During the last few weeks–and in the context of an opposition-led general strike that began on December 2, 2002–even government security forces have assaulted journalists or kept them from reporting the news.

Below is a special report, titled “Cannon Fodder,” by CPJ research associate Sauro González Rodríguez, which was published in August 2002. Also below are actions CPJ has taken throughout 2002 to respond to attacks against journalists. They will be updated periodically, as events occur. For more information, please contact CPJ program coordinator Carlos Lauría at (212) 465-1004 x112 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Special Report: Cannon Fodder
by Sauro González Rodríguez.
In the current battle between Venezuelan media and President Hugo Chávez Frías, journalists are being used as ammunition.
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VENEZUELA: Government ministry investigates two more television stations
Versión en español
POSTED February 6, 2003

VENEZUELA: Government ministry investigates television stations
Versión en español
POSTED January 23, 2003

VENEZUELA: CPJ concerned about attacks against journalists

Versión en español
POSTED December 6, 2002

VENEZUELA: CPJ concerned about recent attacks on journalists
Versión en español
POSTED November 18, 2002

VENEZUELA: Journalists remain at risk
Versión en español
POSTED April 17, 2002

VENEZUELA: Journalist killed during street clashes
POSTED April 12, 2002

VENEZUELA: Journalists accused of complicity in global drug trade
Versión en español
POSTED March 22, 2002  

VENEZUELA: CPJ concerned by Chávez’s threatening statements
Versión en español
POSTED February 15, 2002