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Witness-Patchelly Kambale Musonia


June 22, 2011, in Kirumba, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The body of Musonia, 32, host of a daily talk show on community station Radio Communautaire de Lubero Sud, was found early in the morning in Kirumba, a city in North Kivu province. He had been shot by unidentified gunmen as he walked home from his office at Congo Chine Télécoms, where he worked as a local communications officer, according to local journalists and the local press freedom group Journaliste En Danger.

Station director Jean Maliro told CPJ that witnesses who claimed they heard gunshots around 7:30 p.m. reported that the gunmen seemed to have been waiting for the journalist.

Musonia, the father of a 7-month-old infant, was the host of a news review show titled "Wake Up Kirumba," Maliro said. In his last program, Musonia had discussed with a local civil society leader the recent arrests of a dozen people accused of trafficking military weapons for criminal activity, Maliro said. 

Motive Unconfirmed: CPJ is investigating to determine whether the death was work-related.

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