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Defending press freedom

CPJ protects and defends journalists all over the world. We shine a spotlight on those who have been silenced, such as Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi; we partner with groups on projects like the Protect Press Freedom campaign; and we evacuate and support journalists, such as those trapped in Syria. In 2019, we helped win the release of at least 81 journalists, including Reuters reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, who thanked CPJ for our efforts while onstage at our International Press Freedom Awards dinner. (Photo:Reuters/Ann Wang)

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CPJ Insider: April edition

CPJ turns 40! On April 3, 1981, three journalists in New York—Michael Massing, Victor Navasky, and Laurie Nadel—filed the certificate of incorporation for a new organization, the Committee to Protect Journalists, which was dedicated to the defense and promotion of the “human and professional rights of journalists around the world.” Forty years later, we remain…

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CPJ Insider: March edition

CPJ Insider: March edition CPJ’s Sherif Mansour and his family harassed by Egyptian authorities Egyptian police first came for Sherif’s father when he was seven. They came again—this time for him—when he was 17. Today, Mansour, who serves as CPJ’s Middle East and North Africa program coordinator, lives in the United States, but that has…

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CPJ Insider: February 2021 edition

CPJ in 2020 In US, threats to journalists persist after transition of power For months, CPJ’s Emergencies team has been issuing safety advice for journalists covering the U.S. election and election-related protests. When on January 6 pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington, we immediately published a statement urging all people to respect the work…

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CPJ Insider: Winter 2020 edition

CPJ urges incoming Biden administration to take specific steps to restore press freedom President Donald Trump’s anti-press rhetoric over the past four years has had a dual effect: It has done extraordinary damage to public trust in the media in the United States, and it has simultaneously emboldened autocrats around the world to embrace his…

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CPJ Insider: Press freedom accountability project, journalists freed, and more

Press Freedom Accountability Project On May 26, 2020, the day after George Floyd was killed, two reporters covering a demonstration in Minneapolis were struck by projectiles. Since then, the number of press freedom violations during Black Lives Matter protests has risen dramatically. More than 850 violations have been reported to the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker—which…

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CPJ Insider: Attacks on the press in U.S. Protests, COVID-19 continues, and more

CPJ Insider: Summer 2020 Edition Over recent weeks, as journalists across the United States were attacked and assaulted while reporting on the George Floyd protests, you stood with us and supported press freedom. Thank you. CPJ board, partners demand end to attacks on journalists at U.S. protests During the protests that spread quickly across the…

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Soldiers wear masks in the Philippines, where the government has imposed criminal penalties for spreading “false news” about the pandemic. (AP/Aaron Favila)

CPJ Insider: Urgent call to #FreeThePress, COVID-19 updates, and more

CPJ Insider: Spring 2020 Edition Thank you for your incredible support of CPJ during these unprecedented times. We are especially grateful to Twitter for its recent gift of $500,000 in support of our work to confront press freedom violations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our staff is working remotely—as a result, we may be slightly delayed…

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(Courtesy Rajaai Bourhan)

‘They saved my life.’

When two shells struck his kitchen, a mere 20 feet away from where he stood, Rajaai Bourhan didn’t think much of it–he was living in a war zone in the heart of Syria, after all. Instead, he considered himself lucky: He had survived the bombing, accepting this new reality that shelling here was a part…

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How you helped journalists in 2019

You stood with CPJ in the fight for a free press in 2019 and for that we couldn’t be more grateful. Click on the infographic below to take an in-depth look at some of our impact last year and highlights of our work. (Don’t forget to turn off your ad blocker!)

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CPJ Insider: Year-end edition

Thank you for standing with us in our work protecting journalists around the world. Together, we will defend freedom of expression, democracy, and the public’s right to know. Here are some highlights of 2019, made possible only with your support: Journalist killings dropped sharply in 2019, though imprisoned tally remained high The number of journalists…

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