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Palestinian TV wants US help retrieving seized transmitter

Wattan TV bills itself as the voice of the voiceless. But since the Israeli army gutted its Ramallah headquarters in a predawn raid two months ago, that voice has been reduced to a whisper.

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Plainclothes police escort Syed Mohammed Kazmi, an alleged suspect in last month's bombing of an Israeli diplomatic vehicle, from a local court, in New Delhi Wednesday. (AP/Manish Swarup)

Arrest in bombing case prompts scrutiny in India

To many in the Indian media community, the arrest of independent journalist Syed Mohammad Kazmi by the Delhi police’s Special Cell on March 6 for his alleged involvement in a bombing brings back troublesome memories.

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Israel's new law makes supporting boycott campaigns a civil offense. (AP)

Israel’s ‘anti-boycott’ law hurts the country’s journalists

Two weeks ago, late on a Monday evening, the Israeli parliament passed a controversial law aimed at protecting the country from calls to boycott Israel because of its policies about Palestinians. The law, dubbed the “anti-boycott” law, makes supporting these campaigns a civil offense in the state of Israel. Days after the bill passed, public…

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A promotional image for "On the Record," which opens this week at London's Arcola Theatre.

Journalists take stage: Q&A with ‘Record’ playwright

The true stories of journalists from Mexico, Sri Lanka, Russia, the United States, and the Occupied Palestinian Territories will hit the stage July 20 at London’s Arcola Theatre. “On the Record,” which runs through August 13, examines the careers of six journalists, the risks they face, and their determination to make an impact through their…

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Journalists on raided flotilla leaving Israel, speaking out

Firsthand accounts from reporters who were on the flotilla of humanitarian activists raided by Israeli forces on Monday are finally coming out as the journalists are released from custody. These early reports indicate that soldiers harassed international journalists—at least six had their equipment either confiscated or destroyed, according to CPJ interviews and news reports. Media accounts have…

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Israeli Supreme Court orders Gaza opened to reporters

The Israeli Supreme Court announced today that international journalists must be allowed total access to Gaza in light of the official end of hostilities on January 18. Since November, the Israeli government has said that restricting the entry of these journalists has been for their own safety. Tel Aviv’s Foreign Press Association called the claim…

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After the cease-fire in Gaza

Although Israeli military operations have officially come to an end in Gaza, access for journalists has improved only marginally. Despite a December 31 ruling by Israel’s Supreme Court (on the fifth day of military operations) to allow eight journalists to enter Gaza each time the Erez crossing was opened, the government failed to implement the…

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Press freedom in the news 1/20/2009

The murder of prominent Sri Lankan editor Lasantha Wickramatunga remains in the news with The New York Times running an editorial about him over the weekend. The Daily Times of Pakistan also has coverage of Wickramatunga’s death, which has garnered worldwide attention with the publication of the editor’s final column–it explained why he felt compelled to risk…

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Press freedom in the news 1/16/2009

Inter Press News has an article about the continued struggle journalists are facing to report on the conflict in Gaza. The story quotes our letter to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak criticizing the IDF’s decision to bar journalists from entering Gaza. The article cites CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon who says, “By preventing journalists from…

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U.N. calls for foreign journalists to enter Gaza

The United Nations has called on Israel to open Gaza to international journalists, a vital step that CPJ sought from the Israelis earlier this week. Yesterday, the U.N.’s chief of communications and public information urged the Israeli government to “ensure immediate access for international media into Gaza.”

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