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Artwork: Jack Forbes
Artwork: Jack Forbes

CPJ’s resource center shares critical resources to help journalists prepare for an assignment or respond to an emergency.

Pre-assignment Preparations section can help journalists review safety manuals, plan an assignment, select and obtain the necessary training, insurance, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Other resources can assist journalists in being medically prepared for overseas assignments, mentally prepared for trauma or violence, and to maintain their mental health and safety. It also includes details on digital safety best practices.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) glossary

Read CPJ’s PPE glossary to find information on the relevant and correct PPE for reporting from a war zone or protest, covering a natural disaster, or working on an undercover investigation

Post-incident Assistance directs journalists to information on trusted partners and other organizations and resources that assist in relocation following a serious threat, and/or provide legal, prison, family, medical, trauma, digital, and/or equipment support in an emergency. It also includes information on grants, awards, and fellowships.

Pre-assignment Preparations

Considerations and recommendations

Safety Manuals and Guides
General manuals and guides on journalist safety while on assignment

Planning components including risk assessments, communications plans, proof-of-life documents, checklists, travel warnings, and safety advisories

Training options, Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT) providers, and first aid training resources

Insurance coverage and providers

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Available equipment and PPE providers

Medical Preparedness
Region and country-specific vaccinations, preventative medicine information

Trauma Preparedness
Resources for dealing with trauma, sexual violence, and other issues

Digital Safety Preparedness
Online resources on digital safety and best practices

Post-incident Assistance

Support for journalists in distress

Emergency Relocation
Resources for journalists who need to temporarily or permanently leave their home / city / country following threats due to their work

Legal Support
Referrals for legal counsel and financial assistance to help cover legal fees of journalists detained, arrested, or prosecuted for their work

Prison Support
Financial support options to help cover medicine, food, and basic living essentials for journalists imprisoned for their work

Family Support
Resources for the relatives of journalists imprisoned or killed due to their work

Medical Support
Resources for covering medical costs of journalists injured while on assignment

Trauma Support
Referrals to trauma counseling and other resources for stress, psycho-social distress, and PTSD, as well as financial assistance for trauma counseling

Digital Support
Resources for technical support and consultation for handling digital attacks including online harassment, hacking, or DDoS

Damaged / Confiscated Equipment Replacement
Resources for replacing equipment damaged or confiscated while on assignment

Awards and Fellowships
General information on awards, fellowships, and other programs open to journalists