Zakaria Ibrahim

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Ibrahim, a cameraman for Al-Jazeera, died on December 7, 2015 after being shot in the head while covering government shelling in the province of Homs on December 1, his outlet reported.

According to the network, an Al-Jazeera crew was reporting from the town of Taldou as government and rebel forces negotiated an expected ceasefire in the Homs neighborhood of Waer, about 12 miles to the southeast. Ibrahim, 19, was shot by a sniper while the crew filmed a government bombardment, according to a statement by Al-Jazeera.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that clashes erupted in Taldou and the surrounding areas on December 1 between pro-government and opposition forces, leaving at least two opposition fighters dead despite the expected implementation of a ceasefire in Waer.

Ibrahim was injured the same day Syrian government officials announced a local ceasefire with the remaining rebel forces inside the city of Homs, Reuters reported. Like similar ceasefires agreed elsewhere in Homs and beyond, the truce called for a withdrawal of opposition forces from the district of Waer in exchange for the government allowing humanitarian assistance into the area and releasing prisoners.

As part of the ceasefire’s implementation, the Syrian government released 35 opposition detainees on December 7, The Associated Press reported. Opposition fighters were expected to begin evacuating Waer later that week.

Ibrahim worked as a cameraman for Al-Jazeera for more than a year, filming clashes and shelling in his home province of Homs, the outlet said.