Youssef Adel Bakri (Youssef Abu Jad)

Beats Covered:
Local or Foreign:

Bakri, also known as Youssef Abu Jad, was a reporter and videographer for the local news outlet
Halab News Network (HNN). He was killed in government
shelling of the Karam al-Tarab neighborhood in Aleppo while filming the
bombardment of the neighborhood by government forces, according to HNN and Al-Jazeera.

Halab News Network,
based in Aleppo, posts news and reports from around the country and the region,
with a focus on Aleppo province. The network covers the conflict, politics,
clashes, and protests. Its broadcasts are published by several regional news
outlets including Al-Jazeera. The center does not publish footage under
individual bylines.