Vijay Pratap Singh

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Singh, 36, a senior correspondent for the daily Indian Express, died of injuries suffered in a July 12 bombing. Singh was interviewing Nand Gopal Gupta, minister for institutional finance, when explosives concealed in a moped outside the minister’s home were detonated, news reports said. The blast killed one other person and injured several others, including Gupta.

Indian media outlets reported that police in Uttar Pradesh had arrested two members of the local Samajwadi Party in the attack. The motive was said to be political and business rivalries. Police said they were unable to trace the owner of the second-hand moped used in the bombing, according to Indian Express. Singh was survived by his wife, Shashi, and two young children.

In February 2011, Delhi police and a special task force from Uttar Pradesh arrested Samajwadi Party Member of Legislative Assembly Vijay Mishra in connection with the bombing, according to reports.

The Indian Express group posthumously awarded Singh the Journalism of Courage award as part of the Ramnath Goenka Awards in 2010, reports said.