Sunday Gyang Bwede

Beats Covered:
Local or Foreign:

Reporter Bwede, 39, and Deputy Editor Nathan S. Dabak, 36, journalists for the monthly newspaper of the Church of Christ in Nigeria, were driving to an assignment when they were attacked by a mob in Jos, capital of central Plateau state, according to the local chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalists and news reports.

Light Bearer Editor-in-Chief Gyarta Pofi told CPJ that the two journalists had chartered a motorcycle to travel to a scheduled interview with national parliamentarian Bitrus Kaze concerning ongoing outbreaks of deadly violence between Muslims and Christians in the area. Dabak and Bwede were stabbed by Muslim youths reacting to the discovery of a slain Muslim individual near a church, Katdapba Gobum, chairman of the local journalist union branch, told CPJ.