Sami Abu Amin

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Abu Amin, 30, a reporter for the private pro-government
Syrian television station Al-Ikhbariya, was killed
with his colleague, Mohammad Shamma, when armed men attacked the station’s
offices in the town of Doursha, in southern Damascus, in the early hours of the
morning, according to news reports.

Amin was working the night shift at the station with Shamma,
according to a video
by Al-Ikhbariya. His colleagues called him “Father of the Night,”
the report said.

A total of three employees and four security guards were
killed in the attack, according to SANA, the official Syrian news agency.
Al-Ikhbariya and other pro-government stations provided footage
of the attack’s aftermath, showing destroyed equipment and piles of debris. The
gunmen had ransacked the offices and planted explosives, the station reported.

Pro-government news outlets blamed the attack on armed
terrorist groups.