Safa al-Din Abdel Hamid

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Gunmen firing from a speeding car killed Abdel Hamid in front of his home in Mosul, according to news reports. Abdel Hamid was leaving for work at Al-Mosuliya television about 8 a.m. when the shooting occurred.

Abdel Hamid, a father of six, had worked less than a year at Al-Mosuliya, a private channel that covers Ninawa governorate in northern Iraq, according to Mohamed al-Malaki, a producer at the station. Abdel Hamid’s program, “Our Mosques,” detailed the history of historic religious sites in Mosul. Al-Malaki said he was unaware of any threats against Abdel Hamid.

A day earlier, Al-Iraqiya anchorman Riad al-Saray, who also hosted religious-based programming, was gunned down in Baghdad.