Rachid Nini

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Nini, executive editor of the Moroccan daily Al-Massae, was arrested following the publication of several articles criticizing perceived abuses in the country’s counterterrorism efforts. In May, a Casablanca court refused to release the prominent journalist on bail. His lawyers argued that their client was being improperly prosecuted under the penal code, which provides harsher penalties than the press code, according to news reports.

In June, he was sentenced to one year in prison for “denigrating judicial rulings” and “compromising the security and safety of the homeland and citizens.” Nini was being held at Okacha Prison in Casablanca in late year, according to Al-Massae.

Long known as an outspoken government critic, Nini had also denounced official corruption, called for increased political freedom, and sought the annulment of Morocco’s anti-terrorism law.