Peter Julius Moi

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Unknown assailants shot Moi twice in the back near his home in the capital, Juba, at around 8 p.m., according to news reports. The journalist was walking home from work when the attack occurred, according to news reports and his family, who spoke to CPJ. Moi’s phone and money were not taken in the attack, news reports said.

Moi, who worked as a reporter for the business weekly The Corporate and the bimonthly New Nation, covered both local and national politics as well as economic news, Kenneth Ouka, editorial consultant for New Nation, told CPJ. One of Moi’s most recent articles for the New Nation highlighted the fact that 60 percent of the annual budget was devoted to security.

Ouka and Otieno Ogeda, chief executive officer of The Corporate, told CPJ they could not point to specific articles written by Moi that could have triggered the attack.

Police told local journalists that they were conducting an investigation. The Union of Journalists in South Sudan organized a 24-hour media blackout on August 21, 2015, to protest Moi’s killing and ongoing harassment against the press, news reports said.