Nelson Nadura

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Nadura, a commentator for Radio DYME in the Philippine’s central Masbate City, was shot dead at about 8:30 a.m. by two unidentified gunmen. The attack occurred while Nadura was on his motorcycle leaving the radio station after his daily broadcast, according to press reports and the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility, a Manila-based press freedom organization. He died immediately from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. Six empty shells and a slug were found on the scene. The suspects fled on foot.

The motive behind Nadura’s killing is unclear, and police are conducting an investigation. Nadura, 42, hosted a morning talk show on political affairs called “Opinyon Publiko” (Public Opinion), during which he criticized local officials. A former member of the communist rebel group New Peoples Army, Nadura was amnestied in 1998 after surrendering to the government. He later started working as a radio commentator. At the time of his death, he was president of the Union of Print and Broadcast Journalists of Masbate.

On December 3, President Gloria Macagapal Arroyo condemned Nadura’s murder, stating, “These attacks against members of the press shall not go unpunished.” Since the return of democracy in the Philippines in 1986, more than 40 journalists have been murdered there for their work. None of these murders has been solved.