Nasiruddin Ali

Beats Covered:
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Nasiruddin, a director of the publishing firm Karya One, which published four magazines linked to the banned Islamic movement al-Arqam-Tatih, O.K!, Ayu, and Dunia Baru – was arrested and imprisoned, at the Kemunting Detention Center in Perak. The magazines were suspended on June 4. Authorities detained Ali for the 60-day period allowed under section 73(1) of the Internal Security Act (ISA), then on July 7 invoked section 8 of the ISA, which allows up to two years’ imprisonment without trial. The charges against Nasiruddin have not been made public. However, the pro-government daily New Straits Times reported in May that Nasiruddin had been arrested along with three other Al-Arqam members for attempting to revive the activities of the sect, which the government banned in 1994 for allegedly deviating from true Islamic teachings.