Nansok Sallah

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The body of Sallah, news editor for the government-owned
radio station Highland FM, was found face down in a shallow stream under a
bridge in the central town of Jos, less than 200 meters (650 feet) from a
military checkpoint, local journalists told CPJ.

Sallah, 46, had a wound on his head behind his right ear,
seemingly from a sharp object, but there were no bruises on his body, Highland
FM General Manager Terzungwe Wua told CPJ. The journalist’s colleagues told CPJ
they suspected Sallah had been targeted because none of his valuables,
including 6,100 naira (about US$38), were stolen.

Sallah was the producer of Highland Profile, a weekly
call-in program, but had not reported any threats, Highland FM Head of News and
Current Affairs Nanbam Go’ar told CPJ. The journalist had not reported any
threats, Go’ar said.