Muhammed Tariq Jadua

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Jadua, a videographer, was killed while covering clashes between Syrian rebels and government forces, according to news reports and his colleagues. He was a correspondent for the Jisr Al-Shaghur Multimedia Network (JMN), a group of local journalists who report on developments in the neighborhood of Jisr Al-Shaghur.

JMN staff told CPJ that Jadua was filming mortar fire by the Artillery of Islam Battalion, an independent rebel unit in Syria, on a regime checkpoint. Habib al-Jisry, a member of the battalion’s media office who was with Jadua when he died, told CPJ that they were both filming the battle when a shell fired by a regime T-72 tank exploded near them, and he was hit in the head with shrapnel.

JMN has published nearly 100 videos on its YouTube channel, which was founded in December 2012. JMN staff told CPJ that Jadua had produced several videos on the effects of war on local civilians, including reports on internally displaced Syrians and public opinion of an opposition governing council. One of his reports, on the effects of regime bombardment on civilians, aired on opposition TV station Syria al-Gad.

Ammar Dendish, a correspondent for Orient News, told CPJ that Jadua had also assisted him in producing a number of reports, including one on clashes between rebel and regime forces around Jisr Al-Shaghur.