Muhammad al-Bishawi

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Muhammad al-Bishawi, reporter for the Nablus-based Palestinian news service Najah Press Office and for Qatar-based news service, was killed in an Israeli missile attack that targeted Hamas leader Jamal Mansour. Israel had accused Mansour of masterminding several suicide bombings.

Various sources, including al-Bishawi’s Cairo-based editor, reported that at the time of the attack, al-Bishawi was in the Palestinian Center for Studies and Media, a Hamas information office, to interview Mansour for an article he was writing for IslamOnline.

Al-Bishawi, a Palestinian, covered many topics for the news service, ranging from Palestinian weddings to suicide bombers. 

Israeli officials did not announce an investigation into al-Bishawi’s killing.

CPJ asked the IDF about al-Bishawi and other cases of IDF killings of journalists in an April 2023 email.

The IDF did not respond to the query about al-Bishawi’s case but said “it sees great importance in preserving the freedom of the press and the professional work of journalists.” 

This report was updated on April 25, 2023.