Muazaz Ahmed Barood

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Barood, a telephone operator for the privately owned TV station Al-Nahrain, and Laith Al-Dulaimi, a reporter for the station, were kidnapped by men disguised as police officers at Diyala Bridge while driving home to Mada'in, a town 12 miles (19 kilometers) southeast of Baghdad, Abdulkarim al-Mehdawi, the station's general manager told CPJ.

Their bodies were discovered at al-Wihda district, 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Baghdad. Both men, in their late 20s, were shot in the chest, al-Mehdawi told CPJ.

Barood worked at the station since it was established just over a year and a half ago. Al-Dulaimi became a reporter for Al-Nahrain four months ago. The motive behind the murders is unclear. Al-Mehdawi told CPJ that neither the station nor the journalists had ever received threats.

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