Mohammad Saeed

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Saeed, a reporter, was fatally shot by
unidentified armed men in a town outside of Aleppo, according to news reports.

There are conflicting reports on the
precise circumstances of Saeed’s death. According to Al-Arabiya, he was at a barber shop in the town of
Haritan when three unidentified gunmen shot him in the head with a silenced
pistol. The Aleppo Media Center and Orient News said that Saeed was shot outside the barbershop by gunmen in a moving

According to the Syrian Revolutionary
General Commission (SRGC), a coordinating body representing dozens of
opposition groups, Saeed began his career early in the revolution as a media
activist, and worked as the SRGC’s official spokesman in Aleppo, where he was
interviewed by international satellite networks such as Al-Jazeera. He then worked as a reporter for Orient News in Aleppo before he began reporting for Al-Arabiya from the same city.

Saeed’s coverage for Al-Arabiya included an
October 16, 2013, report on clashes at a prison in Aleppo. The Associated Press reported that Saeed was an important news source for its journalists, and those
of other international news outlets.

An unidentified colleague of Saeed’s said
the journalist had received death threats from a group that he declined to
identify, Orient News reported.

No groups have claimed responsibility for
the killing.