Mohammad Hossein Fallahiyazadeh

Beats Covered:
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Authorities arrested Fallahiyazadeh, 33, on November 1, 2006, and transferred him to ‎Tehran’s Evin Prison, according to the Iran-based human rights group Human Rights ‎Activists in Iran . His detention stemmed from his reporting on the government’s harsh ‎treatment of Iranian-Arab protesters in the Khuzestan provincial capital, Ahwaz, the ‎group said.

A Revolutionary Court convicted him during closed proceedings and sentenced him to a three-year prison term for spreading ‎propaganda against the Islamic regime and for communicating with opposition groups, according to Human Rights Activists in Iran and Amnesty International. ‎Fallahiyazadeh, who belongs to Iran’s Arab minority, was denied access to a lawyer, the ‎groups said.

Fallahiyazadeh was a reporter for the state-run Arabic language satellite channel Al-Alam, ‎and for several Arab media outlets, such as Lebanon ‘s Future TV, according to Amnesty ‎International and Human Rights Activists in Iran . He once worked as managing editor of ‎the now-defunct student publication Aqlam al-Talaba at the Shahid Chamran University ‎of Ahvaz.‎