Mohamed Yamen Naddaf

Beats Covered:
Local or Foreign:

Naddaf, a cameraman with the opposition news agency Shahba Press,
was shot by a sniper while covering clashes between the Syrian army and the rebels
in the Al-Sheik Saied neighborhood of Aleppo, according to the agency,
the Syrian
Journalists Association
, and local
human rights group
Syrian Human Rights Committee.

Ma’moun Abu Amr, editor-in-chief of Shahba Press, told CPJ
that Naddaf, who was accompanying the rebels, was killed instantly.

Shahba Press publishes
news coverage of
local issues, including food shortages and clashes between the
rebels and the Syrian army.

Shahba Press also publishes a weekly magazine called Free Syria, which is printed in Turkey
and distributed in the northern areas.