Mazdak Ali Nazari

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Nazari, who won the Iranian Journalists Association’s Best Journalist Award in 2007, was arrested at his home sometime in the second week of November, according to news accounts and human rights groups.

Nazari was editor of Nasim Haraz Monthly, a cultural magazine, and editor-in-chief of Journalism for Peace, a critical Web site focusing on human rights. He is also author of the blog Zemzemeh Haye Divaneh. Nazari told his family about his arrest in a brief telephone call, but was unable to relay details, including his whereabouts, according to Rooz Online, a Farsi- and English-language reformist news Web site.

Nazari had also worked for Etemad e Melli, the newspaper owned by defeated presidential ‎‎‎candidate Mahdi Karroubi.