Lisbey Lora

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Police arrested Lisbey Lora, editor of the independent bulletin Cimarrón de Mayabeque, and the outlet’s director, Manuel Guerra Pérez, on November 28, 2016, according to Diario de Cuba.

Lora and Guerra Pérez were arrested while out investigating stories for their publication, according to Cubanet.Vladimir Turro Páez, who contributed to the bulletin and who wrote about their arrest for Cubanet, told CPJ police raided the journalists’ homes and confiscated material, including a computer and printer used to produce the bulletin.

Cimarrón de Mayabeque is part of the network of independent, local publications supported by the Cuban Institute for Free Expression and the Press. Lora reported on local issues, including politics, corruption, and health conditions in the Cuban province of Mayabeque, Normando Hernández, director of the local advocacy group, told CPJ. The September edition, reviewed by CPJ, includes an editorial about internet access, a report about low teacher salaries, and an article about the Panama Papers leak.

Journalists from Cimarrón de Mayabeque had received threats and been briefly detained on previous occasions because of their reporting, according to Hernández. On June 17, 2016, Guerra Pérez and Lora were briefly detained alongside the reporters Aníbal Alemán Jiménez, Rosa Avilés, and Turro Páez. Authorities questioned them about the publication and released them without charge, according to Hablemos Press.