Li Yanhe

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Chinese radio host and publisher Li Yanhe, who goes by the name Fucha, is being held in pre-trial detention on accusations of inciting separatism. National security officers in Shanghai arrested Li in March 2023 and have held him incommunicado since then.

Prior to his arrest, Taiwan-based Li, founder of independent publishing house Gusa Press and a radio host for Taiwanese public broadcaster Radio Taiwan International, published books and discussed Chinese politics and current affairs for the two outlets.  

In March, national security officers arrested Li and held him in secret detention after he returned to China to visit relatives in Shanghai, according to news reports and an April 26 press conference by Beijing’s Taiwan Affairs Office, reviewed by CPJ. 

Li has been charged with the crime of inciting separatism. The Taiwan affairs office said that Li is under investigation for “conducting activities endangering national security.”

No trial date has been set, and CPJ was unable to determine where Li was being held as of October 2023.

CPJ’s email to China’s Foreign Ministry in October 2023 did not receive any reply.