José Emilio Galindo Robles

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Galindo, anchor and faculty director of a radio station affiliated with Universidad de Guadalajara, was found dead inside his home in Ciudad Guzmán in the western state of Jalisco.

Galindo, 43, was gagged and tied to a bed, although he died of a blow to the head, according to authorities quoted in local press reports. Galindo mainly covered environmental issues and political corruption for the Ciudad Guzmán-based station. He hosted a nightly radio and television program, and directed several other radio news broadcasts. The university said Galindo contributed to several local and national newspapers as well.

Local authorities declined to comment on the case when approached by CPJ. Jorge Lomelí, Radio Universidad de Guadalajara’s general producer in Ciudad Guzmán, told CPJ that state investigators had visited the station twice to conduct interviews but had not reviewed Galindo’s recent work.

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