Johny Eduardo Pezo Tello

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Pezo Tello, a news program host on radio station Doble A in Yurimaguas, Alto Amazonas Province, Loreto Department, was jailed on charges of terrorism for reading a letter sent by the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) on the air on November 17.
Pezo Tello, host of several news programs and a music show, received a phone call during his music show on November 17 from a man identifying himself as Comrade Rolando of the MRTA. The caller ordered Pezo Tello to read a letter that the MRTA had sent to the radio station, and threatened to harm Pezo Tello and his family if he refused.
Pezo Tello left the radio station, intending to report the threats to the police, but two men who were waiting outside the station cautioned him to heed the caller’s demand. After apologizing to the audience and declaring his opposition to MRTA’s principles, Pezo Tello read the press release on the air.
On November 19, officers from the National Anti-Terrorism Agency (DINCOTE) arrived at the radio station and took him to the Yurimaguas police station, where they interrogated him. Pezo Tello was summoned to the police station to present a more detailed statement the next day, which he did. On the basis of his testimony, the DINCOTE officers issued a formal statement on November 21, accusing him of supporting terrorism.
On November 21, Pezo Tello was taken before Provincial Attorney Marco Tulio Correa Sánchez, who confirmed the DINCOTE accusation and charged him with having made a statement supporting terrorism. The same day, Yurimaguas Provincial Judge Hugo Zela Campos found there was sufficient evidence to initiate proceedings against Pezo Tello and ordered his arrest. Pezo Tello was transferred from the police station, where he had spent the night of November 20, to the Yurimaguas prison.
CPJ wrote to President Alberto K. Fujimori on December 16, urging Pezo Tello’s release. On December 23, Judge Zela ruled that the charge against Pezo Tello was unwarranted. Because the charge involved terrorism, however, the case was transferred to the Superior Court of Lambayeque for adjudication. The court dismissed the charges and Pezo Tello was released on January 18, 1999.