Jamal al-Zubaidi

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The body of al-Zubaidi, 56, an economics editor for the Baghdad-based dailies As-Saffir and Al-Dustour, was identified by his family in a Baghdad morgue. Al-Zubaidi’s son, Riyah, told CPJ that police found the editor’s body with gunshot wounds to the head in Baghdad’s southwestern neighborhood of Al-Aamal.

Al-Zubaidi’s identification cards and cell phone were taken by the gunmen. He was last seen leaving As-Saffir‘s offices in the central Karada neighborhood around 1 p.m. on February 24.

Al-Zubaidi had worked for As-Saffir and Al-Dustour for three years. Two journalists for As-Saffir were killed by gunmen in September 2005 in Mosul. Another was kidnapped and held for ransom for nearly three weeks in March 2006.