Ikechukwu Udendu

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Unidentified gunmen killed Udendu, editor of Anambra News, a monthly
newspaper in southeastern Anambra state, while he was returning home at night
from a commercial printing press in the city of Onitsha, news
said. The journalist had gone to the printing company to see if the
paper was ready for distribution, the reports said.

Chukwulozie Udendu, publisher of Anambra News and Udendu’s brother,
told local journalists that he had received an anonymous phone call on Saturday
night in which he was told to retrieve the journalist’s body from in front of a
local restaurant, news
said. Udendu had been shot
in the hand and chest.

Emeka Odogwu, a reporter for the local paper The Nation,
told CPJ that Anambra News covered general news stories, including
politics, human rights, metropolitan life, and corruption. It is unclear if
Udendu had covered any sensitive stories before his death.