Ihsan al-Buni

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Al-Buni, a photographer for the state-owned daily Al-Thawra,
was shot by a group of armed men while on his way home from work at the
newspaper’s office in the Damascus suburb of Daraya, according to Al-Thawra who
cited the state news agency SANA.
Other news
al-Buni was on his way to work when he was shot.

SANA reported that the gunmen were a “group of armed terrorists,” a
catch-all phrase the government has used to describe all armed opposition
forces. The report did not offer further details.

Al-Buni, 56, was a professional photographer who had worked for Al-Thawra
for two decades covering local news and events, the reports said. His photographic
work was featured in several local exhibitions, according to the same sources.