Hussein Musa Njuki

Beats Covered:
Local or Foreign:

Njuki, editor of the opposition weekly newsletter Assalaam, died in police custody in a hospital. He had been arrested three days earlier and was immediately taken to the Criminal Investigations Division. While CPJ received several different reports regarding his arrest and death, it is certain that he was taken into custody by a group of plainclothes officers from the Anti-Robbery Squad, an extension of the government’s Internal Security Organization (ISO). One source claimed that Njuki had been suffering from a debilitating illness, the effects of which were fatally exacerbated by the shock of the ISO squad’s ambush. Another source reported that Njuki was in perfect health before the arrest and was beaten to death by ISO agents. Yet another report contended that he collapsed during an attempt to escape and died in the hospital of a heart attack. A police guard remained in Njuki’s hospital room throughout his stay.