Hawker Faisal Mohammed

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Kurdish reporter Hawker Faisal Mohammed died from injuries sustained during an October 12 suicide car bomb attack that occurred in the eastern Syrian village of Abu Fas, where he was covering civilian displacement, according to his employer, Hawar News Agency, and the Syrian Journalists Association.

Mohammed died the next day at a hospital in the city of Qamishli of severe head injuries sustained during the blasts, Hassan Ramo, editor-in-chief of the Hawar News Agency, told CPJ.

His colleague Dilshan Ibash, died at the scene of the attack on the Al-Kharafi road that links the Syrian cities of Al-Hasaka and Deir Ezzor.

Another of Mohammed’s colleagues, Rizgar Deniz, who was also traveling with Mohammed and Ibash, was injured in the blast.

Two people affiliated with the militant group Islamic State carried out two car bomb attacks, which left at least 15 civilians dead, not including the two journalists, and at least 100 injured, the Hawar News Agency, which is affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces, reported.

Ramo told CPJ that the suicide bombers targeted a gathering of civilians.

Mohammed had been working for the agency for two months at the time of his death, and covered clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces and ISIS in Deir Ezzor.