Hansi Krauss

Beats Covered:
Local or Foreign:

APKrauss, a German photographer with the Associated Press; Hosea Maina, a Kenyan photographer working for Reuters; Dan Eldon, photographer holding British and American passports and working for Reuters; and Anthony Macharia, a Kenyan soundman working for Reuters, were killed when a crowd, angered by a the death of more than 70 Somalis in an aerial attack on General Mohamed Farah Aidid’s command post, set upon them wielding rocks, clubs, and guns. The four journalists, as well as Mohamed Shaffi, another Kenyan soundman for Reuters Television, were invited to view the damage after the attack and were escorted to the scene when the crowd turned on them.

Shaffi, who had begun filming the carnage while Somalis were searching for dead and wounded bodies in the wreckage, was roughed up and shot by gunmen as he fled. Shaffi managed to escape when an unknown Somali told him to get in his truck and drove him to El-Sahafi Hotel, where reporters in Mogadishu were staying. Shaffi was treated for two bullet wounds.