Haidar Alsamoudi

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State TV reported that
one of its cameramen, Alsamoudi, 45, was shot dead by rebel fighters in the
Kafrsousa neighborhood of Damascus. Alsamoudi, who was on his way to work when
he was killed, had often covered news on the conflict for Syrian State TV, the
report said.

TV outlet and the state news agency SANA reported that the rebels knew
Alsamoudi’s schedule and had waited for him outside his home. The pro-government
outlets said Alsamoudi was targeted because he was reporting on how videos
produced by rebel soldiers showing violations against civilians were allegedly
faked. CPJ continues to investigate the case and seek independent corroboration
of the circumstances surrounding his death.

said that
Alsamoudi was killed by “armed terrorist groups,” a catch-all phrase the
government has used to describe all armed opposition forces.

group claimed responsibility for the killing. It is unclear if Alsamoudi had
been threatened before his death.