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Ghazi Rasooli, a reporter for 1TV, was killed in a double suicide bomb attack on April 30, 2018, in Kabul, Afghanistan, that left over 25 dead, among them at least nine journalists including Rasooli, 1TV reported.

Rasooli was killed in the second blast that occurred when the attacker, disguised as a media worker, detonated his explosives in a scrum of reporters, according to media reports.

Kabul police said the bomber deliberately targeted the press.

The extremist group Islamic State issued an online statement the same day that claimed responsibility for the attacks, which also injured at least 45 people, according to The Associated Press.

Rasooli, who was well known among his colleagues in Afghanistan, had worked for 1TV for four years and reported on criminal and terrorist incidents, 1TV stated. The day before he was killed in the blast, Rasooli interviewed the Interior Ministry spokesperson about the security situation in Afghanistan, according to 1TV.

His employer said that Rasooli was always volunteering to report and was the first to go after the day’s news.