Farhad Taqaddosi

Beats Covered:
Local or Foreign:

Taqaddosi, a cameraman for Iran’s Press TV, died in a
Kabul hospital from injuries he suffered in the Taliban’s September 13 attack
on prominent international buildings in Kabul, the station reported.

In a well-orchestrated series of attacks, Taliban
militants struck at the U.S. Embassy, NATO headquarters, and other buildings in
central Kabul, news reports said. Seven civilians were killed and 15 wounded,
news reports said. Taqaddosi was working at Press TV
offices in central Kabul
when the attack took place, the Iranian state outlet reported.

Taqaddosi was the 21st journalist to be killed
in Afghanistan since the
2001 U.S.
invasion, CPJ research shows. Fourteen, or two-thirds, of the
fatalities were international journalists. Afghanistan is one of the few
places in the world where this proportion exists, CPJ research shows. In most
countries, even during times of war, local journalists are killed in far
greater numbers than foreign journalists.