Edgar Kaho

Beats Covered:
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Kaho, director of the independent newspaper Le Soleil, was imprisoned on May 10, 1993. In December 1992, President Soglo sued Kaho, for defamation relating to an article published in the October 23 – November 5, 1991, issue. The article, entitled “SOBETRAP Affair: Where did the 218,000,000 Francs in excess go? Ministers of Kerekou and Soglo Implicated” implicated ministers serving former President Kerekou and current President Nicephore Soglo in a corruption scandal. Kaho was convicted and received the maximum sentence of one year’s imprisonment; he failed to appear in court for his sentencing. He did not appeal the decision nor did he go to jail until months later when he was arrested on May 10. Although the press often criticizes the government, local journalists felt that his arrest coincided with the May 10 issue of Le Soleil, which ran several articles critical of President Soglo and his wife. Kaho currently remains in custody.