Crispin Perez

Beats Covered:
Local or Foreign:

An unidentified attacker stabbed and fatally shot Perez
in San Joseprovince of Mindoro
, according to local and international
news reports.

The attack took place after Perez’s morning show on local
DWDO Radio, according to the reports. The perpetrator pretended to seek advice
from the journalist, killed him during their conversation, then fled on a
motorcycle, according to the reports. Perez, a lawyer and former politician,
was declared dead at a local hospital.

Perez’s widow, who witnessed the attack, identified a local
police official–who is also a bodyguard for a local politician–as the gunman,
according to the local press freedom group Center for Media Freedom and
Responsibility. Local journalists believe Perez was killed because his radio
program had discussed irregularities in local mining and electricity

In February 2010, authorities indicted Officer Darwin Quimoyog in connection with the killing, news reports said.